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Marine Insurer Services and Operations Platform

In a relatively short period, Xceedance designed, developed, and implemented a multidimensional solution that addressed the client’s pain points and brought precision and accuracy to the claims processing framework.

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A client providing towing services and marine insurance required a single consolidated platform that would connect its remote personnel and field teams to its home office on a real-time basis. Additionally, the insurer needed the platform to identify incongruities in data collected to prevent client or vendor fraud, hasten claims assessments, analyze spending patterns, evaluate vendor performance, and bolster customer satisfaction. In addressing these prerogatives, the insurer faced two main challenges: a lack of standardized processes and an inability to determine the validity of submitted estimates. The client explicitly required the new platform to generate estimates without claim information and the ability to design a workflow allowing the estimates to be partially reassigned. This required defining the current and desired process workflows, coordinating with external partners to design the database, collaborating with the client to create estimate forms and reports, and developing the requisite software.

Based on discussions with the client and predetermined deliverables, Xceedance developed a phased strategy for the design, development, and deployment of the solutions and determined the scope of the succeeding phases. Our solution provided the client with an intuitive dashboard showing relevant estimates, enhanced claims intake, improved data quality, automated estimate submission and approval, lowered cost overruns, efficient processes, and superior outcomes for policyholders.

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