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Marine Insurer Services and Operations Platform


A provider of marine insurance and towing services wanted a highly accessible, fully unified platform on which to connect both its remote internal staff and its outsourced field teams to the home office in real time. Along with enabling omni-channel access, the insurer wanted the platform to detect patterns in the data being collected to prevent client or vendor fraud, speed up claims assessments, improve customer satisfaction, analyze spending, and monitor vendor performance.

From the outset, the client explained its challenges and outlined the requirements for a new platform:

To achieve those objectives, it was necessary for us to:

  • Document the client’s “as-is” business processes and define the client’s “to-be” requirements
  • Apply appropriate business analysis and work with the client to design the estimate form and associated reports
  • Collaborate with external partners, particularly for the design of the database
  • Develop software using .NET technology
  • Manage the project to deliver data to other dependent and downstream applications

We developed a phased plan, with Phase 1 requiring three months for design, development, implementation, and UAT. The client discussions and deliverables during Phase 1 have helped us define the scope of additional phases, which are underway.

The tools we used were:

  • ASP.NET MVC Framework
  • Web Service APIs
  • MS SQL database server


We designed and developed a web-based application that enables multiple parties to interact with any given estimate form. We integrated the application with the client’s claims repository, allowing efficient consolidation with existing client systems. Furthermore, we enabled customization, so the estimate form can accommodate multiple parts, labor entries, and tax rates, as well as calculating total cost estimates. Our development of a reporting mechanism lets management personnel generate reports based on one or more estimates. With the inclusion of a customizable role matrix, the client can control role-based access to the application. And we designed the application to mine its own data to put thresholds on estimates.

In addition, we gave the client:

An intuitive dashboard that shows estimates relevant to the logged-in user

The ability to associate multiple parts and labor with the same estimate

Improved claims intake

Enhanced data quality

A workflow that automates estimate submission and approval

Reduced claim cost overruns and improved profitability

Better outcomes for policyholders

Efficient processes for associates and service vendors

The platform being developed for our client is unique for the boat industry because it:

  • Learns and becomes more accurate as more data is collected
  • Brings precision and consistency to every claim

Mission accomplished.


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