Life insurers must closely align their reinsurance buying strategy with their current and future business and growth objectives, and the team of life reinsurance experts at Xceedance helps them achieve that. From providing consultancy on improving the adequacy and effectiveness of existing reinsurance solutions to offering actuarial support, our seasoned life reinsurance specialists deliver significant impact while realigning an insurer’s reinsurance strategy. We have proven experience in delivering high-value service offerings across Solvency II compliance, risk management, and asset management.

Xceedance life reinsurance consulting services encompass:

• Analysis of current reinsurance need

  • From a Solvency II perspective, as well as from pure risk management or liquidity perspective
  • Per person protections, proportional or non-proportional
  • Commission financing reinsurance
  • Catastrophe protection for life and P.A.
  • Longevity reinsurance under Solvency II
  • Mass lapse reinsurance under Solvency II
  • Extreme mortality reinsurance – exposure-based or index-based

• Interim management resources

  • Rent-a-reinsurance-manager

• Optimization of existing reinsurance solution

• Actuarial services Learn More…

• Transacting reinsurance run-off portfolios

  • Transaction services (M&A, portfolio transfer)
  • Due diligence

• Solvency II Learn More…

• Risk Management Learn More…

• Compliance and ICS Learn More…

• Asset Management

• Technical and marketing support for insurance and reinsurance brokers

• Run-off management services


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