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Insurer Realizes Significant Cost Savings

Xceedance customer support services delivered substantial results for a managing general agent looking to create awareness about its new offerings

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A managing general agent (MGA) was launching several new offerings, including those related to Wind, BOP, Homeowners, and Artisan Contractors products. The MGA wanted to create awareness about these offerings in a target market of over 1200 agents in Texas. Xceedance collaborated with the MGA to develop a phased strategy to reach several agents. Xceedance created a comprehensive service guide that included product details and benefits using information furnished by the MGA. This was followed by implementing a dedicated inbound call queue and training the concerned team to manage outbound and inbound calls for the campaign. The campaign was deployed with the MGA sending targeted leadoff emails to several agents emphasizing the advantages of their new offerings and dedicating a phone for calls with related queries. The Xceedance team then reached out to each of the 1200 agents to further discuss the offerings while also being available to take inbound calls from agents that had any questions about the new products.

By the end of the four-week campaign, Xceedance had successfully made personal connections with 97.5 percent of the agents and validated or updated their contact information in the database. Before the campaign, sales for the MGA stood at $150K for new product offerings. After the campaign, the MGA had sales of $280K and $450K respectively in the following two months. Thus, the MGA experienced over 200 percent increase in sales in a cost-effective manner.

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