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Insurer Realizes Significant Cost Savings



A managing general agent (MGA) offering personal and commercial products in 49 states needed to create awareness around several new offerings, including Homeowners, Wind, BOP, and Artisan Contractors products. The target audience was more than 1200 agents in Texas.


Xceedance worked with the MGA’s team to deliver a phased approach to reach out to the agents. As a part of the project, Xceedance developed a comprehensive service guide with product details and benefits from the information provided by the MGA. Xceedance then implemented a dedicated inbound call queue and trained its team to manage inbound and outbound calls for the campaign.

The first step in the campaign was for the MGA to send a leadoff email targeted to agents outlining the benefits of their new product offerings and a dedicated phone line to call with questions. For the next step, the Xceedance team initiated calls to each of the 1200 agents to confirm receipt of the email and discuss the new products. The team was also available to take inbound calls from the agents to answer any questions on the product offerings.


The campaign lasted four weeks. The Xceedance team successfully connected personally with 97.5 percent of the agents. Xceedance also validated and updated contact inforrmation for the agents as an added benefit of the campaign. The month before the project, the MGA’s sales were $150K for the new products. In the two months
following the campaign, sales increased to $280K and $450K, respectively. The MGA has engaged Xceedance for another market outreach campaign due to the success of this campaign, and plans additional projects.


More than 200 percent increase in sales for minimal investment


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