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Insurance Print, Distribution, Scanning and Indexing Services from Industry Experts

December 3, 2020 | Akshay Relan

December 3, 2020 | Akshay Relan

The effective management of print, distribution, scanning, and indexing is an important business process but is also time-consuming, costly, takes valuable space and resources, and additional investment in disaster recovery, compliance, and equipment planning are needed. Turning this process over to an experienced team creates flexibility and scalability for an organization – allowing insurer teams to focus on other business-critical processes.

Xceedance offers cost-effective and efficient automated print and distribution services for insurance organizations — from small print jobs to mass marketing campaigns. Our equipment includes cutting-edge, high-resolution printers and other equipment to produce the maximum quality documents with consistent, superior color and image resolution. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about these services.

What types of Insurance documents can Xceedance print?
We are currently printing all types of insurance documents, including but not limited to new business, renewals, declarations, invoices, cancellation notices, claims closing, claims acknowledgment, occupancy, and other specialized letters.

What other printing services does Xceedance offer in addition to printing documents?
Other types of printing that the Xceedance team can manage include check printing, including COVID refund checks, certificate of mailing, and certified services for legal documents.

Does Xceedance provide any scanning or indexing services?
Yes, we provide both scanning and Indexing services, starting from physical mail intake and sorting to then storing the documents digitally to be further indexed by our systems and uploaded onto a customer-defined location.

Can Xceedance help us in printing our documents and checks on a rush basis?
Xceedance maintains significant bench capacity on our printing equipment for any urgent printing needs for small-scale and large-scale printing needs.

Can Xceedance take files directly from our system?
We provide custom integration services to customer policy admin systems, and we can handle multiple file types (PDF, Word, PostScript, etc.). We can either use a custom-built or customer-defined API to streamline the process for all document printing needs.

What services does Xceedance offer for mail redirection?
Xceedance assists in P.O Box configuration/setup and will manage mail pick-up and delivery (return mail).

Can Xceedance help in presorting envelopes?
Xceedance offers both presorting and postage services, so it is a one-stop solution for scanning, printing, and mailing needs.

Are documents secure at the Xceedance offices?
Xceedance offices are access-controlled and secured. Onsite locked file cabinets are available. Additional security options include secured backup location, document deletion after pre-agreed timelines, and a third-party storage option based on client needs. All files are transferred via SFTP instead of FTP for an additional layer of data encryption.

What makes Xceedance different when it comes to print and distribution?
The Xceedance Print and Distribution Services team has vast insurance operations experience, with a thorough understanding of the importance of documents and the urgency to promptly send them out. This industry expertise sets us apart from print or mailing services that are not focused on insurance. We are also experts in enabling seamless and responsive processes that provide a superior level of productivity, responsiveness, and cost-efficiency.

To learn more about Xceedance insurance print and distribution services, please contact us today.

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