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Enterprise Data Warehouse


Global insurer increases efficiency, improves reporting

Xceedance develops and delivers fully functional enterprise data warehouse.

A global insurer wanted to eliminate inefficiencies in its KPI reporting. Its inefficiencies were largely attributable to multiple sources and manual consolidation of data, as well as an archaic legacy system, resulting in inconsistent data and reporting delays. Its fragile, non-scalable data model made it difficult to develop a few isolated reports, even in the short term. And the lack of documentation for the data model and the process flow made it even more challenging to develop an alternative.
To achieve the client’s objectives, we determined to:

Develop and implement an enterprise data warehouse (EDW)

Integrate multiple data sources

Create a standard reporting structure

Give the organization the ability to slice and dice the data in multiple ways


Our BI team took a consultative approach with the client. We were thorough and creative in diagnosing the causes of the client’s dysfunctional symptoms and in prescribing a remedy. We took the opportunity to reverse-engineer the client’s existing systems to understand the data model and the process flow in the absence of documentation. That enabled us to develop a data model that would accommodate frequent changes in the logic. Further, we built in components that could be extended and detached without creating any major effects on the entire process.

Our technology team worked closely with the client to understand its different source systems and to provide the architecture and the application design that would ensure the fulfillment of its KPI reporting needs. We developed an EDW that would propagate analysis of multiple time-periods on historical data and provide KPI reports that could show any level of detail and any cross section of the data. And we built the EDW with the option to schedule jobs and refresh the data from multiple sources, ensuring the latest data was available for analysis at all times.


Our biggest achievement in this project was converting a short-term, three-report project into a full-blown EDW system. The new, highly versatile system transformed the client’s KPI reporting as evidenced by the fact that the number of users requesting reports from the system is constantly growing. In fact, other departments within the organization continue to make requests to be integrated with the EDW.

In addition to the fact that we had more than 80 users on the system from the start, we developed 20 KPI reports across three different subject areas. We accommodate nearly one TB of production space in the EDW database. All of the data in the system is processed in less than two hours every night. Our KPI reports have gained acceptance among all the organization’s users. Phase II of the project is underway to add another subject area with more than 15 KPI reports. And we gave the client a single source of truth, consistent data quality, and automated reports with modern data-analysis functionality.

Mission accomplished.


I wanted to tell you how excited the entire team is about the new data warehouse and the information it’s providing them. Thanks for all of your hard work.
Vice President – Planning & Strategy, Global Insurer


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