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Enterprise Data Warehouse

Xceedance formulated and deployed a fully functional enterprise data warehouse for a global insurer.

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A global insurer’s KPI reporting suffered from several inefficiencies attributable to archaic legacy systems, manual consolidation, and multiple data sources. This led to incongruent data and reporting delays. The data model’s lack of scalability made it challenging to develop isolated reports. Further, the lack of documentation for the process flow and data model made it difficult to build an alternative. It was necessary to create and implement an enterprise data warehouse (EDW), integrate multiple data sources, and create a standardized reporting structure.

The Xceedance Business Intelligence (BI) team adopted a consultative approach wherein we worked collaboratively with the client. Our diagnostic process determined the causes of dysfunction and designed remedial measures to address the dysfunctional elements. Our BI team reverse engineered the client’s extant systems to understand the data model and process flow in the absence of adequate documentation. We also built in additional components that could be detached or extended without impacting the overall process. Our team created a full-fledged, highly versatile EDW system, transforming the client’s KPI reporting. Users requesting reports from the system increased steadily, so much so that other departments within the organization continued to make requests to be integrated with the EDW. Additionally, we developed 20 KPI reports across three subject areas and are in the process of adding another 15 KPI reports. We ensured that the client had consistent data quality, a single source of truth, and advanced data analysis capabilities.

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