Directors and Officers Liability Insurance Pre-Underwriting Analysis


Directors and Officers Liability Insurance Pre-Underwriting Analysis

Business Requirements

A global insurance carrier was poised to rapidly grow its directors and officers liability insurance line through an agreement with one of the largest brokers in Asia. The client needed to create a team, system and process that delivered customized underwriting analysis for setting premium. A related goal was to free up senior underwriters to build relationships and engage more directly with clients for business development.

Project Team

A team of Xceedance SMEs was formed with proficiency in:

  • Directors and officers liability insurance
  • Submission clearance
  • Credit analysis

Development and Delivery

The Xceedance team quickly gained an understanding of client’s requirements and developed the spreadsheet-based financial template for assessing both qualitative and quantitative risk of potential insureds. The solution was delivered on time, and the process was operational within a month.

Tools and Technology

The Xceedance solution utilized the Thomson Reuters Eikon (TRE) tool for quantitative underwriting analysis. The TRE approach has enhanced consistency, accuracy and quality of analysis.

Overcoming Challenges

The data used by the carrier was not standardized. The Xceedance team collated all necessary information into a standard and concise template. With its deep understanding of D&O business, Xceedance analyzed accounts in a comprehensive and timely fashion, which helped the client gain an advantage in the market. Xceedance also streamlined workflows and document management for consistent and accurate processing across all regions and locations. This resulted in same-day turnaround for information on large public corporations and allowed underwriters to invest more time in qualitative risk analysis. Xceedance helped increase data consistency and security, and provided underwriters with suggested exclusions for specific risks across a variety of industries.


In the first four months of implementation, the Xceedance team provided analysis on more than 120 accounts.

Voice of the Customer

“The deep understanding of D&O business by Xceedance has resulted in streamlined processes for us. With the analytics expertise and solution-driven approach of Xceedance, we have a competitive edge. The quality work and the can-do attitude of our Xceedance team is impressive.”