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Direct Selling Platform for Commercial Lines Insurance

Xceedance built a dynamic end-to-end digital platform for a well-established insurance group, transforming the customer experience through an intuitive user interface and process optimization.

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A globally well-known insurance group wanted to build a direct-to-customer online distribution platform for its commercial insurance products. The end goal was to streamline the customer experience and minimize the steps taken to make a purchase. Developing and deploying such a platform warranted technological proficiency and expertise in property and casualty insurance. The client turned to Xceedance to transition from typical online lead generation systems to a unique online marketplace.

Xceedance established a Testing Center of Excellence with expert claims and policy testers. The amount of information sourced from customers was limited through the use of third-party aggregators. Technologies used included AngularJS, machine learning, ASP.NET MVC Framework, Web Service APIs, Analytics and Reporting tools, and customer experience management facilitators. The Xceedance team in charge of the project possessed a deep knowledge of data analytics, customer experience management, and rating and pricing rules optimization. Within five months, the team developed a fully operational direct platform for BOP, workers’ compensation, and commercial auto. The team also built customer service tools allowing the insurer’s customer service desk to guide customers along the purchasing process. After deploying the platform, Xceedance added new enhancements and website features in two-week increments. The interactions of actual purchasers with the online platform were leveraged for continual optimization, enabling a responsive and dynamic user experience.

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