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Data Migration Testing

Global commercial lines insurer accelerates modernization

Xceedance delivers 100% test coverage during data migration.


A global, commercial-lines insurer was replacing its legacy underwriting platform from a two-tier client-server application with an IBM DB2 relational database to a Microsoft.Net-driven, web-based application with Microsoft SQL Server to improve the integrity of its data, while continuing business operations during the migration. There were more than 3.6 million records across Contacts, Policies, Reinsurance, Claims, and Cash and Accounting for several EMEA and APAC locations and countries. And the legacy platform contained poor quality data format mismatches.


We assigned nine of our data-quality assurance specialists to the project and created an in-house Testing Center of Excellence to ensure test coverage for data completeness, transformation, quality, performance, scalability, adaptability, and integration. We tested the new platform to verify all data loads and queries were functioning according to business requirements and to confirm the scalability of the technical architecture. Then we optimized the functional testing activities — such as count validation for each module, data validation for each column within the modules, and policy lifecycle validation — to institute the appropriate workflows.

We used DB2 scripts to extract data from the legacy system and used a Microsoft SQL Server to build the business logic and to test the data to be migrated. Then we monitored and validated the extract, transform, and load (ETL) processes to ensure the new platform’s functionality was not affected when a new code release is executed.


Our quality-assurance approach migrated all the data from the legacy platform to the new one accurately in six months. Our approach improved the insurer’s data quality by 80% and improved the insurer’s business results, reducing time to production and minimizing the risk of data loss.


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