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Data Migration Testing

The Xceedance Data Migration team established an in-house testing center of excellence (TCoE) to address data quality issues and devise a robust data migration plan for the client.

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A global commercial-lines insurer intended to install a future-oriented, cost-effective, configurable, and flexible platform in place of its extant commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) legacy solution for underwriters. The existing software managed cardinal data on a two-tier client-server application. Revamping the legacy application to make it more future-oriented required migration to a new platform. In the context of the migration process, the insurer’s main objectives revolved around preserving data integrity, curbing data loss, and enabling seamless business continuity. Over 3.6 million records across modules such as Contacts, Reinsurance, Claims, Policies, and Cash & Accounting across various geographical regions would fall within the purview of the data migration process. The significant volume of data coupled with poor data quality and mismatch called for an accelerated migration process within the predefined downtime window. Additionally, an error-free transition to the newly developed platform necessitated functional and non-functional testing of the intended environment. 

The Xceedance team of data migration specialists comprised highly skilled data quality assurance professionals with comprehensive experience in expansive data migration initiatives with large global insurance organizations. The team determined data quality issues and deployed a targeted data migration solution to facilitate migration in a risk-free, cost-effective, and compliant manner. Our team established an in-house TCoE to ensure data quality, scalability, adaptability, and integration. A robust quality assurance approach ensured accurate and timely migration, and collaborating closely with the insurer optimized the reconciliation process. We improved the insurer’s data quality by 80%, implemented testing activities within six months, facilitated a streamlined transition to a new and advanced policy management system, and enhanced performance, improving overall policyholder retention.

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