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Homeowners Insurer Realizes Significant Cost Savings with Print and Distribution Services from Xceedance

Xceedance helped a homeowners insurer realize significant cost savings, improve efficiency, and optimize workflows by providing vital print and distribution services.

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A homeowners insurer positioned for growth wanted to relieve its staff from internal print and distribution workflow management and concentrate on core activities geared towards the insurer’s expansion plans. This called for a printing and distribution solution to increase process efficiencies and operational flexibilities while enhancing overall quality. 

The insurer partnered with Xceedance to implement business processes that would improve productivity and boost scalability. Within one week, Xceedance was printing the insurer’s critical documentation, such as policy documents, including renewal and new business declaration bills, along with various notices. Quality assurance prerequisites verified all documents adhered to required norms and were in perfect condition, and services provided were SOC 1 Type II compliant. Xceedance printed over 300,000 high-quality color images in line with the client’s requirements, allowing the insurer to channel valuable internal resources towards crucial growth initiatives. 

As a result of availing the print and distribution services, the insurer achieved notable cost savings of approximately 35 percent on equipment, staff, and other supplies, a compliance audit trail, and scalable processes.

Download the case study to learn more about Xceedance print and distribution services.

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