Insurance Management Consultants


We’re most effective — and most successful at achieving your objectives — when we contribute to your business in three dimensions:


We thoroughly assess your operating models to ensure compatibility with current trends and regulatory requirements. We view your operations objectively to reduce waste and to prevent adverse variations to your internal processes. Our insurance technology consultants align your enterprise systems and your digital assets with your business processes and your operating model to optimize them — and to ensure a positive experience for you and your policyholders.

We improve efficiency by aligning the vision you have for your business in the context of industry and environmental conditions and drivers. Then we devise a target operating model for your business and develop the strategies necessary to actualize that model. Finally, we evaluate and make allowances for the ways in which achieving your target operating model will affect your current one.

In doing so, first we take into account your:

  • Client Segments
  • Organization/Resources
  • Value Propositions
  • Business Processes
  • Channels

  • Key Partnerships
  • Customer Relationships
  • Cost Structure
  • Revenue Streams

Next, we develop a strategy that takes into account your architecture and the appropriate software. We ensure the adequacy of your architecture to achieve your objectives. We develop operational targets. And we identify the sources of the appropriate applications and tools.

Then we develop and deliver the program roadmap that details the way in which we will implement business changes, determine our delivery model (onshore/offshore) and structure, measure and report our progress, and establish its governance.


In every engagement, we prioritize your resources. And we always do it the same way and in this order:


Always people first. Every person working in and involved with your organization is a stakeholder. Everything after that is just a matter of degree. We aim to ensure all your stakeholders can work efficiently and produce effectively.


A process without the right people is an ineffective process. And a bad process automated is still a bad process. This perspective ensures you and your organization can be globally enabled and locally focused.


Technology is a tool. In the absence of the right people performing the right processes, you end up working for your tools, rather than effectively employing them in fulfillment of your objectives. So, while we account for everything from omni-channel access to BI and Big Data — from public and private clouds to cyber risk and security — you can be sure the horse will always be leading the cart.


Our consulting services cover a broad range of practice areas:

Business and IT Strategy

Product Development

Marketing and Sales

Risk Analysis and Underwriting

Policy Administration

Billing and Collections Management

Claims Management

But every one of them is dedicated to insurance and the insurance lifecycle. We’ve devoted a professional lifetime to the insurance industry. We’re good at what we do. Our experience shows. And we’d like to show it to you.

Because we’re a global organization, our consulting services will help you do more business, more profitably, no matter where you do business.

CONTACT US today to find out how we can help you maximize the value you get from every aspect of your insurance operations.

That’s what we do.


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