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Implement best-practices around processes and data reconciliation and achieve operational excellence with strategic support throughout the reserving and financial reporting cycles.

We understand your priorities are in maintaining and/or growing your business. That’s why we’ve designed an easy engagement model to make A&A solutions seamlessly integrate into your business. Just talk with us about what you want to accomplish, and we’ll do all the hard work to provide the right solution.

Your Challenges

  • Pricing and portfolio management
  • Expansion into new markets
  • Expense management

Our Values

  • Rightsizing individual premium and portfolio coverages
  • Ascertaining risk tolerance and management
  • Pricing, reserving, and ratemaking strategy alignment
  • Addressing market-specific P&L challenges
  • Leveraging actuarial and analytics to create competitive advantages for your organization

Our Offerings


  • Experts that can help with your strategic planning and execution
  • Flexible SOW to provide assistance when you need it
  • Ideas for brainstorming sessions, peer reviews, one-off projects, and explanatory research
  • Pricing: Flat monthly retainer


  • For more complex projects with a narrow SOW
  • Oriented towards completing actuarial and analytics tasks
  • Pricing: Hourly with estimated project cost provided up front, utilizing global sourcing and technology enablement

Outcome-Driven Advisory & Consulting

  • Aligns advisory and consulting services to achieve a specific outcome
  • SOW designed around the effort required to achieve the stated outcome
  • Pricing: Hourly with estimated cost, including cost reductions from utilizing global sourcing and technology enablement

Flat Rate Outcome Guarantee

  • We’ll put skin in the game to deliver on the stated outcome
  • Pricing: Flat rate (reduced from outcome-driven SOW) multi-year contract
  • Bonus based on performance rating (i.e. exceeds, meets, below expectations)

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