1-8-17 Blog: Xceedance Launches New Website

Xceedance Launches New Website January 8, 2017 In an effort to better align our services with the insurance lifecycle and the needs of insurance organizations, Xceedance launched a new website. The website is designed to highlight our services around the core activities in the insurance process. It is organized into 10 capabilities and includes case… Continue reading

1-5-17 Blog: Xceedance Targets a New Outsourcing Model

Xceedance Targets a New Outsourcing Model January 5, 2017 Reactions, one of the leading news outlets in the insurance industry, recently wrote a feature on Xceedance and its new outsourcing model. The article highlights the ways Xceedance is striving "to change the way the re/insurance sector thinks about its options for outsourcing, innovation and insurtech."… Continue reading

12-30-16 Blog: Xceedance Featured in SiliconIndia

Xceedance Featured in SiliconIndia December 30, 2016 A blend of technical knowledge and insurance expertise has helped set Xceedance apart, according to a recent profile in SiliconIndia. The article highlights how Xceedance provides a unique approach compared to many firms that provide insurance service. That’s because most service providers are not insurance specialists, and companies… Continue reading


XCEEDANCE TARGETS A NEW OUTSOURCING MODEL Published in Reactions on November 17, 2016 The years following Indian independence saw a period of wide-ranging government economic intervention and five-year plans. By the beginning of the 1990s the country was characterised by growth of the services sector as economic liberalisation swept through it. Held up by some… Continue reading