career-image2Xceedance offers a fast-paced, dynamic work environment and is continuously looking for candidates who can thrive in our collaborative and open culture. Our team has more than tripled since 2013 and talented entry level, managerial and executive professionals to join Xceedance. As a member of the Xceedance team, you can shape a fulfilling career, participate in exciting projects and impact the organization in meaningful ways. Our team members enjoy a highly collaborative setting that features state-of-the-art resources, modern technology and a comfortable yet exciting work environment in several offices worldwide. We offer a superior benefits package and opportunities for professional development and growth.


We are always looking for ambitious graduates who will bring fresh perspectives and are passionate about working in a collaborative and team-driven environment.

Xceedance is the perfect opportunity for recent graduates interested in pursuing a business or technology career. We offer our employees the prospect to explore multiple facets of the insurance industry, including analytics, data sciences, technology and business support operations.

At Xceedance, you will be able to apply your skills, discover and expand your interests and build on your talents and experience. If you are a quick learner with strong interpersonal and problem solving skills, we want to hear from you. Please explore our job openings.

“Every day at Xceedance feels like a new challenge and a new opportunity.
It’s what keeps me going.”
>Assistant Manager – Actuarial Support
“I am fortunate to be part of a growing company.
Xceedance is paving my way to new learnings and professional growth.”
>Assistant Manager – Process Engineering


career-image4Xceedance is a dynamic and rapidly expanding company, offering global solutions to the insurance industry.

Insurance industry experts are always in demand at Xceedance. We are looking for professionals with proven track records to help us apply industry best practices and implement modern solutions. Working at Xceedance is the perfect opportunity for individuals looking to advance their careers and apply their knowledge in a collaborative and team driven-environment.

Xceedance is the perfect opportunity to apply your expertise in the insurance domain. Please explore our job openings.

“Xceedance has a pioneering mindset and innovative people.
It’s a lively work atmosphere, with close-knit teams actively participating in each task.”
>Senior Manager – CAT Modeling
“From executive management to analysts, everyone is passionate about success.
Working with such an unconventional and innovative team is very valuable.”
>Senior Manager – Finance


career-image5Xceedance is a dynamic and rapidly expanding company, offering global solutions to the insurance industry. We are looking for experienced insurance executives who want to join an ambitious company and help lead the global transformation of the industry through world-class performance and innovation.We are always in search of industry leaders who can implement strategic initiatives and continue to grow our customer base and service offerings.

We offer highly competitive compensation and benefit packages and an opportunity to be a key player in a dynamic organization. As a global company, Xceedance is the perfect opportunity to continue your executive career. Please explore our job openings.

“Xceedance is a growing and vibrant organization, with a great mix of experience and bright new talent. We have the insurance know-how to deliver for our clients and exceed their expectations.”
>Vice President – Business Development
“Ours is an innovative and entrepreneurial organization with really smart and hardworking people. With a focus on client satisfaction and a proven value proposition, Xceedance is a very exciting workplace.”
>Head of Region


An organization’s ability to effectively train its workforce is a key to productive growth, client satisfaction and market differentiation. Learning and development initiatives also enable competitive advantage, operational agility and innovation. At Xceedance, we believe in constant learning. We invest in the overall professional development of our people, with an emphasis on domain knowledge and skills required to succeed in the insurance industry.

Preparation and Empowerment

LD-Image2The goal of the learning and development program is to facilitate dependable and valuable performance, while empowering all Xceedance teammates to take control of their careers. We are a company driven by insurance business processes and data. So, a core Xceedance principle is a commitment to support the professional growth of our people and help them to become the industry leaders of the future.

We encourage our team members to acquire end-to-end insurance knowledge — in addition to mastering business, technology and communications skills. Guided by comprehensive training programs and modules, Xceedance teammates can develop the skills necessary to advance within the organization and in the insurance market.

Learning Roadmap

LD-Image1In collaboration with the company’s operational leaders, the learning and development team offers a multi-tiered knowledge roadmap and a comprehensive training curriculum. Each tier includes modules in insurance operations, business and professional skills, and quality control. The program is segmented for basic, intermediate, and advanced levels of training.

The company’s comprehensive learning and development program is a key factor in ensuring teammates are fully equipped to make proficient business decisions. Xceedance believes in supporting the capabilities and professional potential of its people by offering well-crafted learning and development channels and tools for career growth.