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Our underwriting services help insurers with one of the most critical aspects of underwriting — aggregating and analyzing insurance loss runs and exposure data. That bolsters risk management, improving the accuracy of your quoting, even as it saves the valuable time of your underwriters. We have the people. We have the experience. Most importantly, we can spend the time your underwriters cannot afford to spend (and save them up to 80 percent of that time).

In addition, once we analyze the data, we can make it ready and available in any format insurers might choose.

To provide those underwriting services, we are ready whenever the insurer is. Because we are entirely insurance focused, there is no learning curve, no ramp-up time, no waiting for activity or results, and no way to surprise us because we have seen it all. If it has anything to do with property/casualty risk assessment, we have seen it, done it, and left our client company pleased with the outcomes we have produced.


Our underwriting services incorporate the entire range of pre-quote analytical services including analysis of loss run reports, exposure compilation, checking data for accuracy, creating standardized data template files, and compiling underwriting reports. Our underwriting team also is capable of:

In short, we help underwriters build profitable books of business. By performing pre-quote analysis, we allow underwriters to focus more directly on critical tasks such as risk analysis and pricing. Through the use of advanced tools and applications, we streamline the process of compiling losses and exposures, leading to more accurate pricing.


We help underwriters price accounts more efficiently and reduce adverse selection.

Because we are a global organization, our underwriting services will help you do more business, more profitably, no matter where you do business.

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