Xceedance offers managed services and responsive technology solutions
across a wide spectrum of the insurance lifecycle.



Data Management and Augmentation

Solution Design

Descriptive, Predictive, Prescriptive Models

Simulation and Optimization Models

The Xceedance data sciences team works with clients to develop Intelligence Augmented (IA) solutions that specifically address business problems throughout the insurance value chain. IA solutions can improve decision making at the strategic, tactical and operational levels and help to drive the top and bottom-line success of our clients.

Our approach is based on a process that coordinates and unifies the diverse expertise across the Xceedance enterprise to build and deliver solutions for optimum business impact in client operations. The Xceedance insurance data sciences team designates knowledgeable representatives within its cross-disciplinary service teams who collaborate to design and deploy solutions for clients.

Data sciences work and projects at Xceedance spans all phases of the insurance lifecycle, including:

  • Product design
  • Pricing and reserving
  • Marketing and sales
  • Underwriting
  • Claims and recovery management

The Xceedance data sciences team also leverages artificial intelligence (AI) tools, blending the best of human and machine interactions to drive better business outcomes.

Clients can significantly improve the quality and efficiency of their operations by leveraging data sciences capabilities through consistent, automated and accelerated processing of work. They can use our advanced data sciences methods to improve decision making at all operational levels — to drive business outcomes and progress towards long-term, strategic objectives. Backed by the insurance domain expertise and innovative managed services approach of Xceedance, the data sciences team helps clients to generate organizational visibility, insight and decision-support systems.


Flight Delay Prediction Model

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