Data Management and Augmentation

Solution Design

Descriptive, Predictive, Prescriptive Models

Simulation and Optimization Models

The data sciences team at Xceedance address business problems throughout the insurance value chain. We leverage intelligence augmented applications (IA) to improve strategic, tactical and operational decision making for business functions such as product design, pricing and reserving, marketing and sales, underwriting, claims operations, and recovery management.

Our approach combines science and art in a process that brings the breadth and depth of our experience to the creation of strategic problem-solving activities; the development, delivery, and deployment of insurance data analytics and reporting applications; and the transfer of knowledge and capabilities to our clients. We also employ artificial intelligence (AI) tools, blending the best of human and machine interactions to drive better business outcomes through:

In short, our staff work like artists to create models and applications that integrate harmoniously with your processes, your platforms, and your data.


Because the members of our team are relentlessly curious, they constantly find, source, and fix structured and dark data to serve as raw material for their creations. They devise variables and what-if scenarios, experimenting with as many models as necessary to select the one that’s right for the given client. They work like creative engineers to review approaches, and to derive algorithms and validation metrics. They gain insights from their efforts and explain solutions back to you in business-friendly language.

The team manages data from any source, be it structured, unstructured, dark, light, big, or small. They develop applications for BI and visualization, from reports and alerts to simple dashboards and complex events. They build and work with models that include statistical, machine learning, and deep learning — and advanced models for simulation and optimization. And they specialize in deployment services such as PMML, Java, API, and more.


We created the Xceedance Insurance Data Sciences (XIDS) business unit to support the data/analytics needs of the insurance industry. Our team is focused on helping insurance organizations of all sizes and scope capitalize on the advantages of diverse data sources, flexible analytics, responsive reporting, and business-driven decision making. We’re insurance experts first. We’re technologists, data scientists, and creative, problem-solving architects second.

Because we’re a global organization, our insurance analytics experts will help you do more business more profitably, no matter where you do business.

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