First Notice of Loss – Intake and Set-up

Investigation, Evaluation and Payments

Loss Run Management

Subrogation and Compliance

From our global view of claims management to our regional and local knowledge of claims processes and regulatory requirements, we have comprehensive experience in insurance claims management.

Because of our expertise, we can provide operational support to the processing, management, and adjudication of claims. We can ensure efficiency and accuracy, even for high claims volumes across multiple lines of business in property/casualty insurance.

That’s why our clients rely on us for the execution of all insurance claims processes — from the intake, acknowledgment, and set-up of FNOL to reserving, disbursing, posting, and reconciling payments.


We cover all the operational steps of the claims lifecycle, including:

If we didn’t do all that — and if we hadn’t developed automated processes to streamline claims processing, decrease turnaround times, increase transparency and data governance, generate decision analytics, and ensure the consistency of reporting — we wouldn’t claim we did.


Our claims services also extend to consulting, especially as it pertains to the strategy of claims administration and management. So, whether you need a 360 degree view of your existing “as is” process; an evaluation of your claims-management programs and processes; an audit of your loss history; a review of your relationships with TPAs, adjusters, repair shops, replacement-cost providers, or any other third party related to your claims operations, we can help improve those operations and reduce your overall claims costs.

Regardless of what you need — from the tactical execution of claims activities to the strategic overhaul of your claims operations — we can do it. We’ve done it. And we’re ready to do it for you.


Insurance is the only industry in which we work. It’s the industry in which we’ve acquired all our knowledge and expertise. And we’re very good at what we do. It’s a bold claim. But it’s the truth.

CONTACT US today to find out how we can help you minimize your risks and mitigate your losses.


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