Xceedance offers managed services and responsive technology solutions
across a wide spectrum of the insurance lifecycle.


Risk Assessment and Pricing

Portfolio and Capacity Management

Model Validation and Evaluation

Research and Development: Model and Data Solutions

The CAT modeling team at Xceedance provides catastrophe risk management solutions that improve premium risk estimation. We provide natural perils risk analysis, pricing for insurance and reinsurance and validation of vendor catastrophe models. The team assists clients with:

  • Rating of catastrophe exposure
  • Evaluation of risk accumulation by severity and by regions
  • Examining capacity
  • Exposure and loss change reporting
  • Portfolio optimization

Working closely with underwriters, Xceedance CAT modeling services help to ensure accurate data processing, resulting in more precision in the pricing of policies. When catastrophic events occur, our team is also adept at translating data into financial implications for insurers.

With rich experience across a variety of models, risk types, perils and geographies, Xceedance offers an impressive global service delivery model that ensures proficient data management and improved productivity using a variety of internally developed applications for seamless processing. The CAT modeling staff is CPCU and CCRA certified with many team members holding advanced degrees in engineering, mathematics and statistics.



CAT Modeling

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