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Our catastrophe modeling services help insurers manage exposures and improve premium risk estimation. We provide natural perils risk analysis, pricing for insurance and reinsurance, and validation of vendor catastrophe models.

To help insurance organizations mitigate risk, we analyze and translate complex data sets, evaluate intricate policy conditions, and handle inconsistencies in assumptions.

Proficiency in Mitigating Risk

In conjunction with expertise in hydrological and geospatial science, our services help insurers model catastrophes for more accurate risk-estimation. We can also identify loss drivers and mitigate the unknown with real, actionable information; measure CAT exposure and provide models and loss estimates; enhance underwriting operations and pricing strategies; and improve overall decision making.


Our CAT modeling teams are highly efficient and deeply experienced. As a result, you can be assured of their ability to give you quick turnaround times, to manage and operate multiple models simultaneously, to provide detailed insight on all your risk scenarios, to thoroughly investigate the reasons for your loss movement, to accurately analyze your loss drivers, and to validate data from your engineering surveys.

Because we support insurers in managing their portfolios all over the world, our CAT modeling services will help you do better business, no matter where you do business.

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