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You can’t manage what you can’t report. With the proliferation of Big Data, the rise of the IoT, and the increasing value of analytics, insurers who aren’t taking advantage of all the attendant opportunities will fall behind. Our BI and reporting services help insurers make the most of their own data, collect and integrate third-party data, and analyze all of it for the benefit of their businesses.

With just-in-time delivery of reports and self-service reporting tools, our services provide essential strategic and tactical insights that improve decision making at all levels of the organization, providing critical intelligence such as:

Because of our extensive knowledge of the insurance industry, we’ll help you derive the exact metrics and KPIs required by your various decision makers.


Given our experience with a variety of BI tools, databases, technologies, web distribution methods, and applications, we’ll quickly assess your reporting needs and issues, the irregularities in your data, and your information bottlenecks. Then we’ll resolve all of them to achieve your specific requirements.

We’ll help you:

  • Develop your data and reporting strategy
  • Develop the functionally appropriate data warehouse
  • Convert your data and model it optimally
  • Create your dashboards and other visualization tools

Most important we’ve have had experience supporting our customers and have become familiar with the BI and analytics tools available in the insurance industry such as: SSRS, QlikSense, Power BI, Tableau, and others. In addition we have the capability of building custom applications to meet your specific requirements.


Whether we’re using niche ETL tools like SSIS, SAS, and others — or whether we’re employing databases like SQL server, DB2, Oracle, Teradata, and Sybase — our only objective is to give you the information on which to decide and act. If that requires our helping you see the context in which to best interpret your data or supporting your decision making with descriptive statistics and hard facts, we’ll be there for you.

We’ll help you:

  • Build data validation rules to ensure the quality of your data
  • Set up data-governance processes
  • Create data-governance reports
  • Build data cleansing process and tools
  • Build and maintain meta data
  • Build custom data modeling for data marts
  • Enable customized data warehouse design
  • Develop data warehouses from scratch
  • Build OLAP/cubes systems using MS-SAS, IBM-Cognos


We help insurers get the most out of their data by improving their analytics and reporting capabilities. Period. If we didn’t we wouldn’t be creating value for them. And that’s not the kind of visibility we want.

Because we’re a global organization, our BI and reporting services will help you do more business more profitably, no matter where you do business.

CONTACT US today to find out how we can help you maximize the value you get from your data.


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