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BriteCore and Xceedance: System Integration Services for Operational Agility and Superior ROI

With Xceedance BriteCore implementation services, insurers can take advantage of our deep product and industry expertise, accelerating time to production for implementation and enhancements of the BriteCore platform while maintaining productivity and business continuity.

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Deploying a commercial policy administration system (PAS) involves a significant investment of time, resources and effort. The evolution of market dynamics and changing customer expectations, in turn, impact the enterprise IT environment, making it more complex. Further, when integrating policy systems with existing legacy applications, intelligence automation or disparate distribution and enterprise platforms, insurers must contend with structured and unstructured data requirements, scalability needs, and compliance norms. One of the significant challenges of migrating large columns of policy, claims, and customer data from legacy applications to a new PAS is ensuring accuracy and data integrity. This highlights the significance of an insurance-focused systems integrator to enable a cost-effective, risk-free and timely implementation of an innovative PAS.

Xceedance helps insurers implement an advanced and modern P&C insurance framework with end-to-end BriteCore implementation support. Our deep knowledge of P&C insurance lines of business and a team of experienced technology professionals can help insurers streamline the BriteCore implementation process. 

We offer a user-focused delivery approach, robust governance structure, significant reduction in testing costs, and a significant improvement in business proficiency. Xceedance provides comprehensive support across several areas, including solution design, enterprise architecture review, new product implementation, third party integrations, product API extensions, legacy migration implementation and upgrades, and post-implementation support.

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