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Actuarial & Analytics 2022 Business Planning

We help insurers integrate actionable insights into business plan inputs and implement targeted planning with well-defined KPIs to deliver significant outcomes across the analytics and actuarial value chain and streamline business planning activities.

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Business planning activities are subject to inherent challenges such as lack of resources, uncertainties in future loss ratio projections, difficulty in balancing different planning goals, and the inability to quantify the impact of changes on the profit and loss statement. At Xceedance, we approach these challenges from a multifaceted perspective. Our actuarial and analytics solutions facilitate cost-effective enablement solutions and consulting services to aid strategic planning and execution. We engage in a portfolio profitability study and perform an adequacy analysis. Our loss ratio estimations help quantify the impact of various actions on the portfolio in the current and future periods. Our teams institute monitoring tools to track progress by calibrating KPIs against benchmarks and intimating whether further action may be required. We also develop and deploy an implementation strategy with regard to filings, policy admin, claims system changes, and other similar aspects. 

Availing Xceedance business planning services can help insurers derive and integrate more insights into planning activities and drive alignment across UW, claims, pricing, and reserving. Further, our targeted planning approach with predefined KPI goals will improve success rates. Our outcomes-driven team comprising top industry professionals allows insurers to elevate and enhance their business planning activities at cost-effective rates.

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