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ChainThat Strategic Partnership

ChainThat and Xceedance

Xceedance was so impressed with the potential of ChainThat (www.chainthat.com), we made a multi-million dollar investment in the company in 2017 (VIEW PRESS RELEASE). That investment was validated when Insurance CIO Outlook named ChainThat one of its top ten blockchain providers for 2018 (VIEW ARTICLE).

ChainThat develops products for the commercial, specialty, and reinsurance markets (WATCH PRODUCT VIDEOS). The company also provides secure online transactional services in support of re/insurance operations. Our investment in, and our strategic alliance with, ChainThat enable us to collaborate more effectively on the integration of blockchain into a wide range of re/insurance organizations (VIEW ARTICLE).

For more on the potential of blockchain in the insurance industry, please visit our blogs: Blockchain Perspectives: Part1 and Blockchain Perspectives: Part2.

Download an Informative Whitepaper

Download an informative whitepaper to learn more about the value of blockchain for re/insurers.

Strategic Value

Each of our services and solutions is designed to enable growth and profitability for our clients.

Providing Industry Expertise

With wide-ranging insurance business knowledge, we operate as insurers do — making Xceedance a valuable extension of our clients’ teams.

Leveraging Modern Technology

Our services are driven by intelligent technology to make business processes more effective and efficient.

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