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Manish Khetan

Chief Operating Officer, North America

Manish Khetan is a chief operating officer at Xceedance, with 15 years of experience in transforming insurance operations. He leads the North America business and is responsible for business growth and service delivery at Xceedance. He focuses on identifying growth drivers, business planning, capability development, client relations, organizational learning and development, and alternate channels of expansion, including partnerships and acquisitions.

Prior to helping start Xceedance, Manish was a founding team member at Berkshire Hathaway Insurance in India, leading operations, sales, and strategic partnerships. Over his career, he has built an intimate understanding of the insurance business and its various functional areas, through his deep-rooted relations with various senior executives of insurance and reinsurance companies.

Manish started his career as an operations and strategy consultant. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Technology from HBTI Kanpur and completed his MBA at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.

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