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Monalisa Samal
Senior Vice President, Risk Management and Innovation

Monalisa Samal oversees actuarial services, along with catastrophe and exposure management solutions, at Xceedance. Her team serves global business operations of clients across the U.S., Europe, Australia, and Southeast Asia — providing a range of actuarial, exposure management, and catastrophe modeling practices, including account modeling, technical pricing, process efficiency, portfolio reporting, profitability analysis and more.

Monalisa brings 16 years of experience in client and operations management, individual risk-based pricing, overall portfolio optimization, and management and model validation. She has assisted in the application of models in decision making, designed custom solutions for clients, and managed strong and expanding teams of analysts.

As one of the first leadership members, Monalisa joined Xceedance just two months after its launch. Prior to Xceedance, she worked in diverse areas of risk management and modeling for various perils and regions.

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