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Corporate Citizenship


At Xceedance, our mission is to engage with local communities and drive social change by partnering with regional not-for-profit organizations. Our purpose is to help improve the communities in which we live and work. We achieve this goal by mobilizing our team members to volunteer and give back to society — setting examples of involved, considerate, and consummate citizenship, volunteerism, and ethical conduct. With integrity, collaboration, ownership, respect, and perfection as the core of Xceedance values, our people are committed to transforming lives for the better – both within our communities and our organization.

From the CSR Director’s Desk

“Corporations play a key role in supporting community development. Xceedance is a young company, and we are very passionate about three stakeholder groups that contribute to our success – customers, team members, and communities. We’re thrilled to see enthusiastic Xceedance citizens impacting our communities with excitement and vigor. We keenly develop and foster a positive, hands-on approach when it comes to supporting societal progress. As our company continues to grow, we look forward to diversifying our social impact through diverse partnerships, helping to shape improvements in vulnerable communities.”


On Our Agenda


We support education programs to engage children from disadvantaged backgrounds early in their lives. In collaboration with our non-profit partners, we aim to increase these children’s opportunities to thrive while sparking imagination and dialogue.


We support initiatives related to creating infrastructure – such as construction of toilets, setting up modern sanitation and water facilities in schools and economically backward areas.


We aim to provide access to essential and pivotal healthcare, including cleft-palate surgeries, artificial limbs, hearing aids, prescription glasses, and hospital beds. By collaborating with innovative local programs, we focus on helping children in their growth and development


We provide our team members resources and opportunities to help make a difference and connect with their communities to become well-rounded corporate citizens.

Click here to review our current Corporate Social Responsibility Policy.

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