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Subject matter experts from Xceedance partnered with a global insurer to set up a credit analysis practice, effectively supporting the underwriting process for surety insurance and boosting underwriters’ capabilities.


The client – a global insurer – was looking for a partner with an in-depth understanding of the surety insurance business and sound construction sector knowledge, especially the industrial accounting practices and relevant ratios used for financial analysis across geographies.

The client needed an effective credit analysis system to streamline the underwriting process for their surety insurance products.

Additionally, adapting to various underwriting styles across regions was one of the primary challenges. While the US region was more project-focused with more significant data availability and sound surety regulations, others followed a more limit-based funding process, working solely on financial statements with limited recourse options.



At the outset, Xceedance formed a highly skilled team of subject matter experts. With proficiencies in surety insurance and having performed detailed financial analysis for corporations, the team benefited from the addition of aspiring CFAs/fresh post-graduates for data support.

The team then worked closely with the client to understand their specific requirements and develop compre- hensive credit analysis templates for assessing the qualitative and quantitative credit risks of insurers (focused on the construction sector).

Further, Xceedance customized templates to suit data availability for different geographies. The team collab- orated to convert subjective underwriter decision matrices into standardized financial models, enabling peer portfolio comparisons. They leveraged visualization techniques to better present model building blocks and the outcomes.


Some essential tools used throughout the developmental process included:

A third-party data aggregator to automate and expedite data imports for public-listed accounts and develop benchmarks for the specified sectors, helping with classifying ratios (above average, average, below average).

Excel modeling techniques to consolidate the drivers for credit analysis, including, but not limited to, solvency, operating performance, liquidity, and management track records. Additionally, widely used z-scores were embedded into the model to aid decision-making based on credit risk parameters.

A standard Microsoft Word template for sharing results to suggest critical risks along with details around each of the factors including, but not limited to, construction sector nuances, such as overbilling/underbilling trends, related party contracts, contract completion status at the project level, and subcontracting of projects.


Key benefits delivered to the client included

Up to 30 percent overall reduction in turnaround time for new business quotes for surety

Robust global template with a standardized process for each region

Portfolio-driven approach for the surety business

Independent, unbiased assessment of accounts, enabling senior management to develop quality portfolios

Cost and time savings on data-oriented tasks

Adoption of industry best practices, such as portfolio monitoring on crucial accounts and exposure management

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