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Actuarial and Analytics Services

Xceedance offers flexible, dynamic, and sustainable actuarial and analytics solutions that empower you to address both your short-and long-term needs.

By utilizing a value driven, cost-efficient global solutioning approach, Xceedance Actuarial and Analytics Services are designed to align with your goals. As your strategic advisor and trusted partner, we can handle the supervision of diverse actuarial and analytics tasks, so you can focus more on creating value. Whether it comes in the form of advisory and consulting support or staff and technology enablement, Xceedance has the right capabilities to help you achieve your goals.

Our Offerings


  • Experts that can help with your strategic planning and execution
  • Flexible SOW to provide assistance when you need it
  • Ideas for brainstorming sessions, peer reviews, one-off projects, and explanatory research
  • Pricing: Flat monthly retainer


  • For more complex projects with a narrow SOW
  • Oriented towards completing actuarial and analytics tasks
  • Pricing: Hourly with estimated project cost provided up front, utilizing global sourcing and technology enablement

Outcome Driven Advisory & Consulting

  • Aligns advisory and consulting services to achieving a specific outcome
  • SOW designed around the effort required to achieve the stated outcome
  • Pricing: Hourly with estimated cost, including cost reductions from utilizing global sourcing and technology enablement

Flat Rate Outcome Guarantee

  • We’ll put skin in the game to deliver on the stated outcome
  • Pricing: Flat rate (reduced from outcome-driven SOW) multi-year contract
  • Bonus based on performance rating (i.e. exceeds, meets, below expectations)

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