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Xceedance Featured in SiliconIndia

December 30, 2016

A blend of technical knowledge and insurance expertise has helped set Xceedance apart, according to a recent profile in SiliconIndia.

The article highlights how Xceedance provides a unique approach compared to many firms that provide insurance service. That’s because most service providers are not insurance specialists, and companies have to spend valuable time and effort educating their providers on insurance related processes and workflows.

“Standing in sharp contrast is Xceedance,” the article says, “a global company dedicated to providing strategic insurance services, with exclusive focus on the needs of the insurance market worldwide.”

SiliconIndia further states that the company’s unique blend of analytics know-how and practical experience in data sciences, business intelligence and predictive modeling allows Xceedance to meet the specific needs of insurers.

“We collaborate with our clients as insurance company representatives and not as a generic service provider,” CEO Arun Balakrishnan explained. “We understand that insurance companies are unique enterprises. So our people are trained, and our processes and technologies are tuned to support the distinctive needs of sophisticated and typically multinational insurance clients.”

The company’s insurance focus has led to impressive growth. Formed in 2013, Xceedance now has clients on four continents and has opened offices in Poland, London and North America, employing more than 750 professionals.

“The rapid and ongoing growth of Xceedance is solid confirmation of the company’s business and managed services strategy,” Arun explained. “But the more significant validation of our trajectory is the fact that the expansion of Xceedance has occurred almost entirely through word of mouth, and predominantly from client references.”

Arun credited the employees for the company’s growth. He said that teammates are constantly demanding something new to learn and want to be involved in increasingly complex and stimulating work.

“The dynamic energy permeating the company is palpable,” SiliconIndia remarked. “Xceedance continually enhances the experience of its knowledgeable workforce with industry training, insurance mentorship, career counseling, upward feedback surveys and fun activities.”

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